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Treating Strep Throat Naturally

Strep throat was something I never had growing up. When anyone would talk about strep, I would wonder why it was different than just another sore throat, which I knew a lot about. As it turned out, years later I got strep and found out the difference.

It was interesting how I knew it was strep throat. Quite simply, I was asleep and when I awoke and picked my head up off the pillow, a little voice in my head said, "Strep Throat." I didn't know what to think until I swallowed. My throat was on fire. So, this was Strep. Something I really didn't want to know about or have in my life - ever - was now part of my experience.

Having read about what a person could do naturally for strep, I set about seeing if I had anything in my cabinet to accommodate the healing process. I didn't. Two things are needed to bring strep to balance. Apple cider vinegar and Bifidophilus. Everyone knows about the apple cider vinegar, and Bifidophilus is the same as Acidophilus, only twice as strong. Strep throat happens when the stomach is out of balance which imbalances the friendly flora of the intestines. Both are great but one would have to do and that was the apple cider vinegar.

Off to the store I went to get the apple cider. After dragging myself to the store and back with the vinegar, I poured a small amount into a glass and went to the bathroom to drink it. I wasn't sure what was going to happen and I wanted to be in the right place for any accidents in case I couldn't keep it down.

My first swallow of the vinegar almost sent me through the ceiling and on up to the roof! It burned midway down my esophagus which told me the bacteria were already traveling down to my heart. Out of control strep can go into something called Rheumatic fever which is damaging to the heart. My second swallow wasn't any better. I wondered if I would be able to do this but I was determined to give it all I had rather than call the doctor for a prescription. Throughout the day I carried my glass of vinegar with me and took sips every five minutes. Ever so slowly, the sore throat was resolving itself - but not fast enough for me.

By late afternoon I was beginning to wonder if I should call a doctor. This was nothing to mess with and I was scared. As I was wondering what to do a little voice in my head said, "You can do this!" It wasn't my voice saying that because I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to get rid of it on my own. Because I knew it wasn't my voice, something told me that someone was watching over me and helping me through this and if that someone had faith that I could get through this, then I should lean on their faith. I kept on sipping the vinegar.

Well, it was now evening and my throat was finally beginning to feel different. At least when I swallowed the vinegar, it wasn't taking me into an out-of-body experience. My throat actually was better.

By the next morning, my throat was back to normal. Actual healing time for Strep Throat with apple cider vinegar was twenty-four hours, although Bifidophilus would have hastened the healing.

Since that time many people have come asking about strep throat, saying that even with the doctor's prescriptions they keep getting it. I always tell them about the apple cider vinegar treatment and they always come back saying it was the thing that really kicked strep's butt and made it so it never came back. I know my guardians were watching over me during that twenty-four hours when I was so sick. Knock on wood, it's been the only time I've ever had to deal with it, but if I ever have to again, I'll be more sure of the treatment and at least know what to expect.

E-mail me with any questions and I'll be glad to help you!

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