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Far Infrared Light Therapy

Light Therapy is something I've been interested in for many years. Recently a friend of mine called and asked if I had heard of Far Infrared light therapy. I had and she continued. Appears she had run across an instrument that was balancing certain muscular aches and pains.

The interesting thing is that it's helping arthritic pain -- This piqued my interest and after inquiring into the cost of such a device decided to wait until they were more affordable.

That was a few years ago. There are now affordable devices that are addressing muscular aches and pains and spasm along with balancing arthritic problems and certain cancers as well as skin, cellulite and promoting weight loss, all at the same time.

I purchased one such device recently and told a friend about it over dinner. When we met it appeared she was not well. After inquiring about her health she told me she hadn't felt well for a whole month and didn't know what was wrong. She just didn't feel well. I told her about the Far Infrared therapy that I had just purchased and she didn't surprise me when she told me she had one of those in storage. I was shocked and said she should be using it, especially since she didn't feel well. She thought about it and said that she would get it out of storage and begin to use it that same evening. Two days later I spoke to her and asked how she was. She said she was back 100%! Seems the Far Infrared light therapy worked quite well for whatever was ailing her.

During this time I received my unit and used it just as soon as I'd finished unpacking it. Since I have nothing in particular to work with I just felt the soothing warm heat on my body. In approximately 20 minutes I could feel my whole spine pulsating with energy and my whole body went into a wonderful relaxation. I knew this device and I were going to be best buds!

So, what are the benefits of Far Infrared therapy besides being able to keep your clothes on? Check this out.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) creates increased blood flow by promoting expansion in the capillaries, thereby:

  • Decreased muscle spasms, pain and soreness.

  • Reduced swelling and inflammation, by improving lymphatic flow.

  • Removal of heavy toxins - metal poisoning and chemicals - due to activated metabolic activity.

  • Improved oxygenation exchange and accelerated metabolism.

  • Tissue regeneration.

  • Relief from breathing and lung challenges.

A functional blood circulation system is indispensable not only for a quality life, but also to maintain health. If blood circulates well, tissues will receive the energy in the form of nutrients and oxygen to help the metabolic activities they need, as well keeping the heart healthy.

Infrared Health Benefits

  • Excellent treatment for chronic diseases, especially Cancer

  • Excellent for alleviation of rheumatism, arthritis, gout

  • Excellent for clearing breathing problems

  • Very good for relieving paralysis, sciatica, insomnia, neuralgia, abnormal nerve functions, and chilblains.

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves muscular ache - Reduces back, shoulder and neck pains.

  • Excellent for reducing swelling, inflammation and associated pain.

  • Stimulates lymphatic cleansing - Enables elimination of toxins, lactic acid and carcinogenic heavy metals. Excellent for serious detoxification.

  • Stimulates blood circulation - Very effective for chronic nephritis patients, reducing blood pressure and improving urination.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

  • Promotes tissue and cell regeneration - Used to heal burns and scars, recent or old. Reduces acne.

  • Excellent results for skin care and youthfulness - Anti-aging effects and lessening of wrinkles.

  • Effectively strengthens the regenerative ability of the healthy tissues of patients with gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

  • Eliminates tiredness, improves body functions and relieves stress in body and mind.

  • Good response in treating scapula humeral periarthritis and lumbar muscle strain.

  • Stimulates enzyme production.

  • Decomposes unnecessary surplus fat, possibly resulting in weight loss.

Approved as a class 1 Medical Device by the FDA, call now for your appointment to experience this wonderful and beneficial treatment or for information on how to purchase your own unit.

Regarding Cancer

The recommended method for detoxification-toxing by combating cancer via Far Infrared therapy was attested to at a cancer conference in London, UK, by eminent cancer specialists.

Cancerous cells cannot exist if blood circulation is smooth and continuous. Good circulation in the capillaries leaves no room for a cancerous cell to stop and take hold - a cancerous cell has to stop moving to proliferate. FIR helps capillaries to expand, improving circulation, thus providing protection and prevention against cancer.

The cancer cell has a proven weakness - heat above 42 degrees C can kill it. FIR heat can penetrate through the body and kill cancerous cells.

FIR thermal treatment raises the body temperature to 42 degrees C. FIR thermal therapy can alleviate pain and prolong life where conventional cancer treatment fails. In the US the mainstream thinking on cancer treatment has undergone great changes. Surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy are considered detrimental to health, and invasive treatments. Thermal therapy and immuo-therapy are non-invasive.

Far Infrared and Cancer Treatment

Cancer hates far infrared and oxygen.

The cancerous cell's positioning, or settling down, is directly related to the capillaries, which are at the end of the blood vessels. The cancer cell tries to position itself by going through the capillary. If it goes through, there could be no settling down or positioning of the cancer cell - which is what happens if there is good blood circulation. If the cancer cell fails to pass through the capillary because of some functional disorder in the circulation, the cell could easily position itself. Good blood circulation of the capillaries - without functional disorder - leaves no way for the cancerous cell to settle down and position itself. The cell will then be killed by the immunocyte (the immunity cell).

The Klinik St. George Hospital in Bad Aibling, Germany, has treated 2500 German and 2500 foreign patients each year. Their cancer treatment regime is a week of detoxification and strengthening the immune system with diet and nutritional supplements, followed by 2 weeks of localized Infrared hypothermia treatment and low dose chemotherapy. This regime has produced great success in treating cancers.

E-mail me with any questions and I'll be glad to help you!

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is for information purposes only. When needed, consult a qualified health care professional.